Small Empires? WTF!?

So I was chilling in Plaza Midwood one day, basking in the ambiance of unmentionables, lol, when I thought to myself, “Yeah, it would be cool to start a blog and go around the city interviewing other small businesses. There’s so many dope places I haven’t been to and cool people I haven’t met yet. Might learn some new sh*t. I wonder if other people feel that way. Word!” So I plan to pick different businesses in Charlotte and surrounding areas that catch my eye and do a small write-up. You know, get a brief history about the owner and the business itself. What’s their why behind what they do, their purpose, what inspires them. Describe what goods and/or services they have to offer. Where do they see themselves in 3-5 years. And of course, their location(s) so you and your squad can chem ’em out. I wondered how interested other people might become of some sh*t like this, so I said f*ck it and thought of a cool tile for it. Well, I think it’s cool. I came up with ‘Small Empires’. When I think of my own business Aphillyaided Wellness, I don’t think of it as a business, I tell everyone I’m building an empire. And that’s how I view other individuals who own business, another empire. It’s more than just a business. We build it, we protect it, and we’ve fought for it! So along the way if you see areas that may need improvement or have a suggested business I should reach out to, feel free to give me some positive feedback. I’d really like to support each other so if you have friends who are busniess owners, tell me about them. I hope you won’t think this is lame. But I might be on to something. Excuse the language ahead of time, I’d like to write the way I think it. I appreciate you for coming through. 

-C.E. Johnson